Monday, January 9, 2012

A New Beginning

Well, I'm off to a slow start as far as the blogging goes, here it is January 9 and no posts until today :(  This was one of the reasons I procrastinated and put off even starting a blog, I don't want to be one of those who only posts once a month or less. I don't like going to someones blog and find out their last post was 6 months ago. I should insert, I realize that sometimes "life" happens and its more important than blogging, so I do realize there are times when it's better to be doing other things than blogging.
So that is one of my goals, to post at least once a week and ideally more than that. I'm going to start with that first anyway. I do still want to do some work on my site, change some things and learn to do some things that I see on other blogs and I haven't figured out how to do yet.
Another goal is to "get out" more- joining other groups and such, participating in challenges and blog hops. You learn so much and I get so inspired! 

I had a friend who used to try to convince me to scrapbook and one of my reasons (which I thought was totally valid) was that I was not creative. I viewed creative people as those who could draw and paint and do those kinds of things. I can barely draw a stick figure, I finally broke down and got started and got hooked! Then I had some ladies want me to teach them and they were giving me the same excuses. By then I realized that we all are creative, creativity can be displayed in lots of ways. Most of us can learn to be creative in many of those different forms. Mostly it depends on if we have the desire to learn a form of creativeness. All things take practice. And when you practice you get better. I realized that they were at the beginning (where I had been) and they were looking at me like I was the expert and at that point I knew I wasn't an expert, but I was far advanced from where I started and that they too could get to where I was. I still feel like there's a ton out there to learn and I want to learn so much of it. It's so fun sharing what you learn and having someone finally realize how far they've come too and that it wasn't as hard as they thought.
So here's to a fantastic, fun, full year of creating, inspiring, challenging, and learning whatever it is you want to learn and then sharing that with a world full of creative people.

                                                                                                          Blessings,     Polly

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