Sunday, September 4, 2011

Twin Girls!!

I barely get this started and already I am post for quite some time. But I can at least try to prove that I have a good excuse. Our son and his wife had twin girls on Aug. 8th. Twins are exciting, but getting 2
girls shocked the whole family. We don't have an abundance of girls around here. We have 1 daughter and 3 sons. Our daughter has 5 boys, thus the reason for the shock. They were born a couple wks early, but are healthy contented babies. We weren't able to be there right away and in my hurry to pack ( we live several states away) I forgot my camera, so I have had to wait on others to get pictures from. Our daughter has her own part time photography business so I thank her for providing this beautiful picture of them. She likes doing newborn photography, but I will say that twins was a test of patience and endurance for her. You can check out her photography at
 I plan to be here in IN for another couple of weeks helping out my children and enjoying the grandchildren, and I will also be helping a friend whose daughter will be getting married. I will be leaving the day after that wedding. I am missing my husband, who could only be here for a week.
 I hope to attend an all day crop up here with friends this week, so maybe I'll have something creative to post later this week.
   Blessings,      Polly