Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tissue Tape Tutorial

Tissue tape seems to be one of the newest trendy decorating embellishments. There are lots of them out there, in every color and style, but how cool would it be to create your own? To have just the right design without buying a whole roll of it and to have it immediately and not have to either, go looking at all your favorite stores to find just the one you want or to have to find it online and wait for it to be shipped.
How about if you used a product you probably already have in your home and if not in your home, you'll only need to go to the nearest drug or dollar store to purchase? That's what I'm talking about. Go check out this tutorial at Let's Scrap. You will be using this trendy tissue tape on a layout or card today!
                                                               Have a super day,              Polly

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