Sunday, July 22, 2012

CTMH convention 2012 Dallas Texas

Once again, I have badly neglected this blog. I was so busy right before the convention getting my album contest pages and roomie gifts done. Plus all the stuff that needs to be done before you take off and leave only men and boys in the house for a few days.
 It didn't help that I waited til the last minute to decide to do pages for the Album contest. I had been mulling it around in my head for several months, but wasn't completely committed until the last minute. And last minute it was. I actually put some finishing touches on after I arrived at the hotel on Wed. I also, had a wonderful idea for roomie gifts, but could not find the main item that I needed, so I had to come up with plan B at the last minute and by then it couldn't be anything that took much time. I will continue to search for the needed item and maybe I will already have next yrs roomie gift idea planned.
 Convention was a fun filled learning experience. I am filled to the brim with crafting ideas and business ideas. I am excited that CTMH has moved into some Home Decor ideas, but they have by no means left the cardmaking and scrapbooking.
 In fact, they now have 13 Workshops on the Go. 8 are for each of the featured paper packs, 2 are complete cardmaking kits (which each include an exclusive C-sized stamp set) and 1 is a gorgeous Home Decor project and 1 a Halloween party theme using our new Cricut cartridge "Artiste"!
Like our previous Cricut cart "Art Philosophy", this cartridge is loaded. 700 images: titles, 3-D images, cards and envelopes, cupcakes liners, and pinwheels. Tons of party/holiday themed items. And it is going to be even easier to use. For example, if you want to cut a card and you want it to be a finished 6" card, set the dial at 6" and it will cut the card so that it will be a finished 6" card and the same with the coordinating envelope, leave the dial at the same measurement and envelope will cut for card to fit in. Also, a booklet comes with the cartridge to show you how to fold all the 3-D boxes, bags, purses and such. Each key on the cartridge has its own theme and certain things have a "ideal cut size" marked on its image so that you can get a nice cut.
 You can order this incredible cartridge come Aug 1 from me by going to You can purchase this item straight out for $99. You not only get this cartridge with 700 images, but 3 coordinating D-sized stamp sets and 3 shts of Dimensional Chipboard Elements that coordinate with cuts from the cartridge. One of the shts is pages for a mini album! You can cut the matching pages out of our beautiful paper and it even cuts the holes for the binding!
 You can also get this cartridge for half price when you sign up to be a Hostess for a Gathering and your sales reach $250.
 Maybe you are interested in having a Gathering, but you live to far away, get in contact with me and we can set up an EZ Invite. You can do a book party and the orders can be sent to each individual. 
 I will end this post here, but continue to check back as I plan to add several more in the next few days. Including my Album contest pages.
                                                                Blessings to you all,   Polly

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